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Nicky Teo, About Our Funeral Director.

Mr Nicky Teo, Funeral Services Director, founded Singapore Funeral Solutions when he was merely 17 years old. Nicky TEO was then Mentored by Hock Hin Undertaker, he sought out to preserve the traditional ways and culture of the funeral services in Singapore. He believes that everyone deserves a proper, memorable send off, in the right way.

Nicky Teo had been featured in the Straits Times as one of the youngest funeral service directors in the country, and armed with an immense understanding of Buddhism and Taoism practices, Singapore Funeral Solutions became his commitment to giving back to the people. Singapore Funeral Solutions believes that this service should be done, not merely to recognize the passing away of a loved one, but to celebrate the wonderful life this person had on Earth.

Centered on the importance of personalization, and dedication, Singapore Funeral Solutions goes the extra mile to help you give your loved ones a dignified departure.

We are dedicated to making impassioned memories for you.







Our Chief director winning the Spirit of Enterprise Award. The 1st in the industry in Singapore!

Mr Nicky Teo,  reportedly Singapore’s youngest funeral director, has come a long way since. His entrepreneurial spirit won him a Spirit of Enterprise Award presented by the board of governors.

It was given out by charity organisation Spirit of Enterprise to entrepreneurs in a range of industries.

Nicky Teo, He started Singapore Funeral Solutions with only $300 in his bank account, and much to the chagrin of his marine engineer and accountant parents. He handed out business cards and fliers but business took a long time to grow.

Wisely, he arranged a partnership with Hock Hin Undertaker Embalming & Coffin Services to learn the ropes. He now works on its premises in Sin Ming Drive. Hock Hin provides the caskets while he coordinates arrangements like flowers, food and the tentage.

‘Some people still don’t take me seriously because I’m so young. The best thing I can do is show my sincerity and willingness to learn as much as I can.’

He dresses in a full suit on the job while continuing to learn as much about funeral customs from other undertakers and vendors as he can. His family has also become used to his work, a good thing as Mr Teo has decided he is in it for life.

‘It’s very difficult, but it’s also very rewarding and meaningful to help someone in their time of grief.

‘Even if I started anew in another life, I would still gravitate towards becoming a funeral director,’ he said.

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