Buddhist Funeral Service

Buddhist Funeral Service in Singapore

What is a Buddhist Funeral Service?

Buddhist believes in karma and reincarnation, the purpose of having a Buddhist funeral service is to perform Buddhist prayers to create positive karma for the deceased.

I offer some other deities too, can i choose for a Buddhist Funeral Service?

Buddhist do not define themselves as Buddhist based on what they worship to. Buddhism is a way of life and by understanding and following the teachings by the Lord Buddha, (doing good deeds, have compassion and appreciation to all sentient beings, you can be considered as a Buddhist.

What to expect in a Buddhist Funeral Service?

The procedures observed at a Buddhist Funeral Service are based on the laws and precepts of Buddhism. Usually vegetarian food are served at a Buddhist funeral wake. Buddhist chants are also played throughout the event as to create positive karma for the deceased.

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Can I Burn paper offerings at a Buddhist Funeral Service?

The answer is yes and no. The Lord Buddha did not forbid Buddhist to burn any paper offerings to the dearly departed, however, neither Buddha has taught anyone to do so. Burning offerings is in fact a chinese customary procedures. It has been greatly accepted by Chinese Buddhist. 

According to history, during tang dynasty, paper offerings are burned during official Buddhist ceremonies conducted by temples. They view burning paper offerings are a form of respect and well wishing to the dearly departed. On the other hand, Buddhist and also environmentalist, the opposition of burning paper offerings are objected by many Buddhist due to the environmental issues and possible pollution to the environment, thus many reputable monks forbids and oppose the idea of burning paper products as a part of Buddhist Funeral Services.

Burning paper items at Buddhist Funeral Services in Singapore are a common sight, you may burn paper offerings during a funeral wake, however, it is advisable to burn less to do a part in sustaining the environment.


How many days should i conduct a Buddhist Funeral Service?

The number of days for a Buddhist Funeral Service in Singapore depends on the family’s requirements. If the family wishes to do more prayers for the dearly departed ones, they may extend the funeral services up to a number of 7 days. 

If the family is small and do not expect any more family members to guest coming in from overseas for the funeral service, a 3 or 5 days funeral service will be sufficient. 

What are the do the monks chants during a Buddhist Funeral Service?

Monk chants based on the sutra selection requested by the family members, some common sutras are 

“佛说阿弥陀经” the Amitabah sutra – Which discribes the images of western paradise and how can one reaches there.

“地藏菩萨本愿功德经” the merits of the Earth Store sutra – Which explains the virtues and story of di gang wang, his vows of salvation to all beings from sufferings.

 “佛教三经” the 3 sutras – 3 volumes of different Buddhist sutras are chanted to lessen one’s bad karma, the invocation of the merciful guan yin for salvation and setting the vows to be reborn in the western paradise.

There are also elaborate sutras chanted at Buddhist Funeral Services!

 “中峰三时系念” the chanting method of zhong feng – explains the meanings of the Amitabah sutra and making repentance to Lord amitabah.

“三昧水忏法” the sin repentance sutra – reflection and seeking repentance of sins and misdoing, to create great karma for deceased.

“瑜伽焰口” the rites of the flaming mouth – to transform food into nectar for the hungry ghost. This act of kindness will enhance the speedy rebirth to a better place.

How much does it cost for a Buddhist Funeral Service?

Buddhist Funeral Service cost from $5588. It includes the basic needs for a Buddhist Funeral Service. However based on the different requirements the prices are adjustable.

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