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List of different Chinese funeral in Singapore

Buddhist Funeral Services or Taoist Funeral Services?

Many locals get confused with the similarities and differences between Buddhist funeral services and Taoist funeral services. This is because there is an unclear delineation between the two religions, and majority of our funeral services in Singapore are related to Chinese folklore.

At Singapore Funeral Solutions, we help you to distinguish between the two funeral services, based on principles and ideologies, so that you can better choose a funeral package that your loved one would have wanted to be memorialized with.

Funeral Services Pte Ltd.Buddhist Funeral Services 

Based on the teachings of Shakyamuni that date back to the fifth century B.C. in India, the Buddhist practices mainly operate on the concept of Karma.

The act of Chanting of Sutras (Teachings of Buddha) is done for the enlightenment of all beings. This act is based on the idea of generating positive karma for the deceased and the living, and to seek for forgiveness and repentance for the evils deeds that may have been done.

As their loved ones, it is our duty as we owe them to help lighten the negative karma of the deceased to ease their burden on their journey towards Paradise.

Funeral Services Pte Ltd.Taoist Funeral Services 

Originated from China with the teachings of Lao Zi, the Taoist religion is inclined and believes in the balance of Yin and Yang.

The rites and rituals performed depend on the dialect you belong to; the deceased are liberated from their suffering and the living, educated on the concept of filial piety. Filial piety is an act of virtue to respect and show gratitude to their elders and loved ones.

Paper products may be burnt as offerings and to signify returning of roots – going back to one’s ancestral roots.

As their loved ones, we need to help give recognitions, honour and appreciation towards the deceased as a Chinese value of filial piety, even when they have already passed on.