Preparation for a funeral service

There are a number of preparations to be made before the funeral service is held. To ensure that the departure of your loved one is smooth and hassle-free, we offer to take over all the hard work, so that you can focus your efforts on the rites and rituals that you need to perform.

In line with this, we would need your help in making some decisions and preparations before we proceed to finalize the arrangements of this service.

Some decisions we require you to make:

  • Clothing
    • What clothes do you wish for your loved one to be wearing? It is useful to think of what you think they would like to be remembered wearing.
  • Identification Card (IC)
    • Do you have the Identification Card (IC) of the dearly departed?
  • Location of Ashes
    • Government-managed Columbaria
    • Private Columbaria – if this is your option, just let us know which private columbarium, and we will handle the rest.
  • Religion & Dialect
    • What religion and dialect does the deceased belong to? This will decide the nature of the funeral service that we will hold.
  • Place of wake
    • Will it be held in the residence or the funeral parlour?
  • Photograph and any other pictures you wish to include
    • We will help you to enlarge your loved one’s photograph, to be used in the service.
  • Any last wishes you wish to be observed, or carried out?


Planning for a funeral service can be complex, but we make it as simple as possible for you, so that you can mourn peacefully, and the dearly departed will move on gracefully. This is our mission and we shall see that everything is done according to plan.