Buddhist Funeral Package

Due to the Covid 19 situation in Singapore, we had adjusted our Buddhist funeral package to only $5088 for 3 days and $5588 for 5 days for 2022 update”


Funeral Services – Buddhist Simple Package (2022 update for Current Covid period)

Based on many years of experience in Singapore, our team had designed this Buddhist funeral package to cover all the basic necessities during this difficult time.

This Buddhist Funeral Services package is suitable for families who are looking for a simple yet dignified service. To help you save cost further, ceremonial items and accessories are included in this package!

All our Buddhist funeral services will be supervised by our Chief Funeral Director, Mr. Nicky Teo, who has been featured on the media since the year 2006 for being Singapore’s Award Winning Funeral Director. Under his care, our team commits to provide the best and the greatest assistance to our clients.

Placing of ashes at columbarium, Sea Burial, or Inland Scattering Services are available with us!


The following are the breakdown of our Simple Buddhist Funeral Package:

  • Buddhist Funeral Services Activation

– Transferring of loved one into our care from home or hospital. 
(Let us know if you would require a doctor to certify the cause of death)
– Funeral Director to meet and provide briefing for family.

  • HDB Void Deck Setup, Tables and Chairs

– Void deck/ multi-purpose hall canvas enclosure, Tables and Chairs.
(Limited based on Covid Restrictions) 
– Interior Curtains and Carpet. 
– 2 Units of air cooler machines.
– Safe entry, sanitiser, covid-19 compliant

  • Mobile Toilet Rental (for HDB wakes)

– 1 Unit of elder friendly Mobile Toliet.

  • Funeral Parlor Rental
    (If no void deck)

– Rental of funeral parlour is included if family does not wish to conduct wake at void deck. (Subjected to availability) 
Option 1: 38 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575712
Option 2: 91 Tampines Link, Singapore 528746

  • Buddhist Funeral Services

– A dignified Buddhist Funeral Altar will be set up based on the chosen colour theme.
(Choice theme: Yellow/ Pearl/ White setup)
– Buddhist music/ prayers to be played throughout the funeral wake

  • Buddhist Casket Services

– Half Glass Buddhist cremation casket,
– Pillow, blanket and pearl,
– Booking of cremation slot.

  • Embalming and Makeup Services

– Your loved one will be sent to our embalming centre for cleansing and cosmetology services, performed by our experienced morticians.Buddhist Funeral Services

  • Photo Enlargement Services

– Photograph will be enlarged into 10″ by 12″,
– A duplication of 6 passport-size photo.

  • Fresh Floral Arrangements

– 1 Floral frame to house the photo,
– Fresh floral arrangements on memorial altar.

Buddhist funeral Singapore

  • Buddhist Funeral Prayers and Vegetarian Food 

– 3 Buddhist prayer sessions:
En-coffin, Last night’s (7.00pm – 9.30pm) and Funeral day prayers.
– Vegetarian food offerings will be provided for the deceased.

  • Other Funeral Needs

– A reception table, donation collection box and recording booklet.
– Incense, candles, mourning badges, Ceremonial items (worth $688!) 
– Daily visit by the funeral director to provide assistance to the family.

Buddhist funeral

  • Funeral Day Arrangements

– 1 way Buddhist Amitabah Glass Hearse transportation,
– Towel appreciation gifts for guests,
– 45 seater 2 way air conditioned bus transportation,
– Floral water setup for guests and family members,
– Assistance for ash collection services.

  •  Buddhist Funeral Package Price
    (Limited during Current Period)

Buddhist funeral @ HDB Void deck or Hall
– 3 Day Buddhist funeral services : $5088

– 5 Day Buddhist funeral services : $5588

Buddhist funeral @ Sin Ming Funeral Parlour 
38 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575712
– 3 Day Buddhist funeral services : $5888

(additional day $600)

Buddhist funeral @ Singapore Funeral Parlour 
91 Tampines Link, Singapore 528746
– 3 Day Buddhist funeral services : $7888

(additional day $1605)

**Funeral Parlour Halls are subjected to availability. In the event that the above funeral parlours are full, our funeral director will propose the next available location. Additional charges applies.

Mobile fridge & refreshment, funeral attire, cremation/ burial charges, urn, engraving works, columbarium charges, construction of headstone, post funeral chanting and rites are charged separately.

If you require customised canopy setup on an open ground or conduct Buddhist funeral service at a funeral parlour, kindly call our 24 hours toll free hotline at 1800-800-1818 for further assistance!

How Singapore Funeral Solutions can assist you?

The final journey of your loved one is important. By engaging a reputable and reliable company, you are able to ensure that all aspects of the funeral will be well planned out and taken care of. With our service and price guaranteed, there is absolutely nothing else you need to worry about! Our professional funeral directors will guide you through the Buddhist funeral rites and procedures.

Look no further and allow Singapore Funeral Solutions to assist you, call us now at our 24hours toll free hotline 1800-800-1818 for more information.

Preparing a funeral service for someone, what should you do?

It is advisable to prepare a few things when your loved one is critically ill:
1. Clothing – The clothing that your loved one would wish to wear for their final journey.
2. Identification Cards – The hospital/ family doctor may need both the deceased and the next of kin’s identification cards to verify the particulars for the issuing of death certificate. 
3. Choice of Cremation Centre / Burial Site – There is 1 government cremation centre (for all religions) and 2 private cremation centre (for the Buddhist and Taoist community). Burial can be done at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery (for all religions). Getting this to be sorted out beforehand is importation, as this will be reflected on the death certificate.  
4. Photograph – Choose a nice photograph for enlargement, this photo will be used as the main focus of the funeral service.

If you wish to find out more about the buddhist funeral, do visit our  Funeral Guide  page for more infomation.

Can I fixed an appointment with the funeral director to find out more?

Yes you can!Please fix an appointment with our funeral directors should need a detailed quotation or visit our showroom @ Sin Ming Drive. NO PRE PLANNING CONTRACT NEEDED!

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