Direct Cremation Funeral Service

Direct Cremation Funeral Services

Direct Cremation Service

 What is Direct Cremation Funeral Services?

Family members may opt for a direct cremation funeral services if you do not intend to hold a wake. 
Arrangements for such funeral services are simple, our funeral director will assist you in carrying out the procedures. 

On behalf of the family members, our funeral director with make the necessary arrangements with the cremation centre to secure a slot for cremation. If there is no available slot, the cremation service will be done the following day. The deceased will be resting at our tranquil room prior to the cremation service.

The direct cremation funeral service are usually conducted at Mandai Crematorium. 

Are there any prayers before cremation service?

A religious ceremony can be arranged before cremation. This service can be done at the cremation centre. Based on the religious requirements, the funeral director will make the necessary arrangements. 

Cost of direct cremation funeral services?

Direct cremation funeral services package cost at $1388, which includes:
– Transportation from home or hospital,
– 1 Team of pall bearers,
– 1 Unit of direct cremation funeral services casket,
– Booking of the cremation slot on-behalf,
– Mercedes Glass Hearse transfer to cremation centre,

– Ash collection services.

Extensive cleaning, makeup, facial touch-up package at $200

What should I prepare?

There are a couple if things to prepare for the direct cremation service;
1. Clothing for your loved one.
2. Items to be placed into the casket.
3. Identification card of your loved one and the next of kin for the death certificate application.  

What to do with the cremated remains after the service?

Cremated remains can be stored at any columbarium, releasing it into the sea or at the brand new inland scattering garden (Garden of Peace). Our funeral director will advised based on the family’s requirements.