Taoist Funeral Package

Taoist Funeral Package

Managed by the renowned Singapore’s youngest funeral director, Mr Nicky Teo, coupled with years of experience in the Singapore funeral service industry, we specially designed this comprehensive Taoist funeral package that covers all the essentials for a dignified funeral service.

At a fixed flat price, our simplicity funeral package includes the complete requirements of a Taoist funeral Service. You may wish to hold the funeral wake at HDB’s void deck or Multi purpose hall, our funeral director will assist you in application for the permit.

Alternatively, if you require customised canopy setup on an open ground or conduct funeral service at a funeral parlour, kindly call our 24 hours toll free hotline at 1800-800-1818 for further assistance!

Our Taoist package is suitable for all dialects: Hokkien/ Teochew/ Cantonese/ Hakka/ Hainanese.

         Taoist Funeral Package

 Taoist Funeral Package  Simplicity
Casket Services & Embalming 
Transferring into our care √ 
Embalming & makeup √  
Booking of cremation slot √  
Taoist cremation casket  Half glass
Taoist Blanket, pillow and pearl 1 Unit
Funeral Wake Setup @ HDB Void Deck / Multi-purpose Hall 
Void deck enclosure with curtain & carpet (18 ft), 15 square tables (3 ft), 10 round tables (4 ft), 100 chairs, 6 fans and lightings  √  
Taoist memorial altar setup  VIP setup 
Floral frame (11″ by 13″)  1 Unit
Table-top fresh floral arrangement 2 Units
1 Photo enlargement (10” by 12”) & 6 Passport sized photos √  
Donation collection box & Record Book √ 
Paper House and Paper Products
Funeral lanterns  1 Pair
Hand crafted paper house 6 ft 
Gold & silver mountains  1 Pair
Guardian angels (Golden Boy / Jade Girl) 1 Pair
Taoist Priest Chanting Ceremony
Rites when placing remains in coffin
Rites at wake before leaving to the crematorium
1 Priest
Rites during last night of funeral wake (7.00pm – 9.45pm) 1 Team
Funeral Day Service
Professional pall bearers team 
Taoist glass hearse
Ritual assistant and lantern bearers √  
45 pax air con bus (2-way) 1 Unit
Appreciation gift pack (Towel with coins) 40 Sets
Post Funeral Day Service
Blessed water setup  √ 
Customary advice (7th, 49th, 100th day, 1st and 3rd year) √  
Ash collection service √ 
GRAND TOTAL (Flat rate, No GST) 
3-day Taoist funeral package
$7,880 nett
5-day Taoist funeral package
$8,280 nett


Food Offerings (Price may varies based on dailect) *$600
Additional Paper Items (if requested) $250
Mourning Garments Set: White Tee Shirt, Pants and Socks. $16 nett
Funeral Add-ons (e.g. music band) $680 nett

How can we assist you?

With our service and price guaranteed, there is absolutely nothing else you need to worry about! Our professional funeral directors will guide you through the procedures based on Buddhist funeral rites.
Call our 24hours toll free funeral service hotline for more information 1800-800-1818

I am preparing for a funeral service for someone, what should I do?

It is advisable to prepare a few things when your loved one is critically sick:
1. Clothing – The clothing the your loved one would wish to wear as the final suit/ dressing.
2. Identification Cards – The hospital/ family doctor may need both the deceased and the next of kin’s identification cards to verify the particulars for the issuing of death certificate. 
3. Choice of Cremation Centre / Burial Site – There is 1 government cremation centre (for all religions) and 2 private cremation centre (for the Buddhist and Taoist community). Burial can be done at Choa Chu Kang Cemetery (for all religions). Getting this to be sorted out beforehand is importation, as this will be reflected on the death certificate.  
4. Photograph – Choose a nice photograph for enlargement, this photo will be used as the main focus of the funeral service.
5. Any Last Wishes – Funeral services should be conducted based on the personal preference of your loved one. Do find an appropriate time and talk to him/ her, seek opinion on the choice of funeral theme, how simple or elaborate the funeral service should be and any special request.

Can I fixed an appointment with the funeral director to find out more?

Yes you can!
You may fix an appointment with our funeral directors should need a detailed quotation or visit our showroom @ Sin Ming Drive. NO PRE PLANNING CONTRACT NEEDED!


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