Exhumation Services

The New Burial Policy, exhumation are introduced by the government in 1998 to combat land scarcity, limits the burial period to 15 years. After this period, graves will be exhumed and the remains cremated or re-interred according to one’s religious requirements. 

Family members may opt for private exhumation service which provides the advantage of choosing an auspicious date and time for the exhumation. You can also witness the complete exhumation process and recover what has been buried.

Exhumation Package 

We offer services for the exhumation of your ancestor’s tomb.

Service includes:
– Application for exhumation service
– Choosing an auspicious date and time
– Ground-breaking ceremony
– Exhumation of remains
– Clearing of debris
– Cremation service
– Transportation and delivery of cremated remains.

The cost of exhumation service starts from $800. Which includes all the service started above.
Religious services are charged depending on the religion and requirements.

What Happens after Exhumation?

You may place the ashes at:
Government Columbarium – The cost of niche is bore by the government, however the marble slab and urn are sold based on the quality of the material. Our staff will guide the family members on this procedure.
Private Columbarium – Family members are advised to purchase the niche and urn personally with the private columbarium office before the start of exhumation.
Sea Burial – Sea burial service can be done after the exhumation by applying from the relevant authorities. Our sea burial service cost only at $200 which includes the rental of boat, application for permit and a funeral director to be on board in assistance for the service.


Find out more about our exhumation services?

Our professional funeral directors can advise you on the application for exhumation!

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