Gong Teck

Gong Teck is a memorial service done to celebrate the life of the deceased one, by creating merits for their ancestors and showing respect and gratitude to their loved ones. This day symbolizes the peaceful and successful passing on of the deceased from the living to the netherworld.

This service is conducted during the 49th day, 100th day, 1st year, and/or the 3rd year after the funeral service.

Elaborate offerings, lighting of joss-sticks and paper offerings are presented before the Paper Ancestral house. Prayers are also made to give the deceased a smooth journey without sickness. It is believed that the guards from Hell will bring the soul away.

In this grand affair, one must be pleasant and optimistic; no ill should be spoken during the event.

  • Chanting of sutras
    An act done to move towards attaining enlightenment, this is done to deliver the deceased from suffering and to achieve a favourable rebirth from accumulated merits. As the dearly departed takes refuge in Lord Buddha, one must cultivate the right view and refrain from ill and negative thoughts or deeds, so as to avoid any consequences.
  • Ulka-Mukha Dharma Service (Releasing the Flaming-Mouths Ritual)
    This ritual is often performed by Buddhist monks to eradicate the hunger of the wandering ghost by bestowing food and drinks to them. It is done to deliver the deceased from the suffering they’ve experienced, through the teachings of the Lord Buddha.
  • Breaking of Hell’s Gate & Observing of Light
    Observed by the Cantonese, Hakka and Teochew clans, the Taoist priests will be performing sacred rites to seek mercy from God, to deliver the deceased from their eternal sufferings.

These rituals ensure the deceased one a peaceful journey to the netherworld.


Gong Teck processions can range between 6 hours to 3 whole days, based on the individual’s dialect and religious customs.

** The following is an estimation of what a Buddhist Gong Teck / Taoist Hokkien Gong Teck will cost.

Simplicity Deluxe Grand
a couple of hours 1 day + half a day 1 day + 1 full day
  • Prayers and rites are performed at home or Void deck.
  • Burning of paper house items and the offering of food.
  • Elaborate Prayers and rites with traditional music and rites are performed.
  • Burning of 2 stories paper house and the offering of food.
  • Includes canvas service, tables and seatings at  
  • Grand Prayers and rites with traditional music and rites are performed.
  • Burning of 3-storey-high paper house and the offering of food.
  • Construction of steel structure on open land, tables and seatings.
 from $1,200 from $8,800  from $18,800